Senior Competition 2018

Winners 2018
1st Award : Jeseok Bang (South Korea)
2nd Award : Peter Graneis (Germany)
3rd Award : Sören Golz (Germany)
4th Award : Takuya Okamoto (Japan)

Audience Award: Jeseok Bang
Junior-Jury Award: Peter Graneis


(born after Dec. 31, 1981)
Sunday 29.7. – 1st round from 9 am, duration 10-12 min., free programme
Tuesday, 31.7. – 2nd round from 9 am, duration 18-20 min., free programme
Wednesday, 1.8. – 4 pm Kreuzkirche: Final with vote by the audience, duration 25-30 min., free programme

The programme of the 1st and 2nd round must be sent to !
Pieces may not be repeated in any of the following rounds.
If the maximum playing time of one round is exceeded, deduction must be made.
The order of the performances is drawn.
A maximum of 14 participants will be admitted to the second round and a maximum of 4 participants for the final round.
All rounds will be held in public.
In the final, the audience votes on which finalist will receive the Audience Award.
An international jury decides. The jury’s decision is final.

Members of the Jury:

Prof. Alfred Eickholt (D)
Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering (D)
Prof. Luis Orlandini (CHL)
David Pavlovits (HUN)
Katrin Klingeberg (D)


1st Prize: 3.500,-€ |CD production under the label Triple-K-Records | BAM Hightech Guitar Case, value 500,- € | Participation in Euro Strings Programme
2nd Prize: 2.000,-€ |BAM Hightech Guitar Case, value 550,-€
3rd Prize: 1.000,-€ |BAM Performance Cover, value 260 €

Audience award: A concert at the Nürtingen International Guitar Festival 2020

Junior-Jury award: 100 € voucher for “Haus der Musik Trekel” (music shop)
Prizes for all four finalists: one D’Addario gift basket each

Awards: Saturday, August 4th, 8 pm, Stadthalle K3N

Junior-Competition 2018

Guitar students aged 12-17 years, born between 07/31/2000 and 07/30/2006

Winners 2018
1st Award: Valentin Novak (Slovenia)
2nd Award: Julian Fritzsch (Germany)
3rd Award: Jona Steinmeyer (Germany)

  • Start: Monday, 30.07.| from 3:30 pm
  • Final: Thursday, 2.08. | 4pm

1st prize: 500 €
2nd prize: 300 €
3rd prize: 200 €

Award-giving: Saturday, 4. August, 20 Uhr, Stadthalle K3N

Senner Junior-Competition

Results 2016
1st prize: Tatjana Engling | 16 years
2nd prize: Sergey Fedorov | 14 years
3rd prize: Anton Maiwald | 17 years

Results 2014
    1st prize: Paulina Monno
    2nd prize: Zsombor Sidoo
    3rd prize: Ronja Schubert

The prizes were sponsored by Druckhaus Senner.