Covid19 precautions for the Nuertingen International Guitar Festival 2021

The long time without the opportunity to organize cultural events has given us all the feeling of deficiency. Therefore we decided to hold the Nuertingen International Guitar Festival in 2021.

Health Protection in Buildings and Rooms

However, the protection of everybody’s health must come first. As the organizers we therefore would like to present our hygiene concept, which takes into account and complements the given rules of conduct of the building management.


Our concerts will primarily take place in the townhall K3N and the Kreuzkirche in Nuertingen. Here we refer to the specified rules of conduct of the city. They will be updated according to the current situation and implemented and monitored by us without exception to protect everyone.

Events like master classes and workshops may take place in other non-municipal locations, suc as the buildings of the Nuertingen University of Applied Sciences. There the rules of conduct are similar to those of the city, additionally it may be obligatory to wear mouth and nose protection in the event rooms. These regulations must be followed by everyone.

We will take care that all events take place in suitably large rooms so that distance rules can be obeyed in groups, too. If necessary the size of the group will be adapted to the avalilable rooms.

As a matter of fact the hotels also have appropriate hygiene concepts implemented in their area of responsibility.

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