Junior Competition 2018:

Age from 12 and 17 years, born between 31.7.2000 and 30.7.2006

  • 1. Round  Monday, 30.07. from 4 pm Stadthalle K3N, duration: 8-10 min., free programme
  • Final  Thursday, 02.08. 4 pm Kreuzkirche, duration: max. 18 min., free programme

Pieces played in one round cannot be repeated in any other round.
If the maximum playing time of a round is exceeded, deduction must be made.
The order of performance will be determined by draw.
Both rounds are open to the public.


1. Prize: 500 €
2. Prize: 300 €
3. Prize: 200 €

Awards: Saturday, August 4th, 8 pm, Stadthalle K3N

The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, August 4th at 8 pm in the town hall K3N.

All prize winners agree to be present at the award ceremony.