Tillmann Reinbeck

Fri, 07/29/2016, 8:00 pm, K3N (Soloist at Opening concert)
Tickets: Category I – 32€ (23€ deduc.), Category II – 24€ (19€ deduc.)

Reinbeck 2At the age of 8 years, Tillmann Reinbeck began to play the guitar.
In his artistic works, he engages with music of the past centuries with as much enthusiasm and throughness as with music of the modern time.
He studied at the Music Academy in Trossingen, Alicante and Hamburg with Luis Martin Diego, Michael Raman Hampel, José Tomas and Olaf van Gonnissen. He is member of the renown Aleph Guitar quartet which has been invited to perform at important festivals and has premiered or first-recorded numerous works.
Tillmann Reinbeck plays concerts and holds masterclasses at numerous festivals. His concert tours led him to places like New York, Madrid, Mexico City, Seoul, Taipeh, Oslo, Zurich and Berlin.
He passionately teaches his own successfull guitar class at the music academies of Stuttgart and Trossingen, as well as at the public school conservatory of Zurich.




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