kammerorchester sw Chamber orchestra of Nuertingen (Opening concert: Fri, 07/29/2016, 8.00pm, K3N)

 „From Penny lane to buenos Aires“, Pieces by The Beatles/Brouwer, Guzmán, Piazzolla and others
 Conductor: Walter Schuster
 Soloists: Tillmann Reinbeck, Duo Klingeberg-Montes, Duo Bandini-Chiacchiaretta


Cortes Rafael Cortés (Flamenco concert: Sat, 07/30/2016, 8.00pm, K3N)

 The master of guitar who already played with the "Fanta 4" (a very famous German band) is visiting us in Nuertingen.
 Aboard are his guitar, vocals, dance and percussions.






Open Source Open-Source-Guitars (Sat, 07/30/2016, 11.00pm, Kreuzkirche)

 Nosferatu – a sinfonia of horrors
 The Open-Source Ensemble of the Music Academy in Trossingen will present a dubbed version of the movie classic at
 witching hour. Be prepared for a concert that is one of a kind!




J&J (2) Family concert "Jorinde and Joringel" (Sun, 07/31/2016, 11.00am, Kreuzkirche)

 Jorinde and Joringel will take you into a fairy tale world where true love always defeats all evil! This act has won seve-
 ral awards, among others the Leopold award.
 Music: Thomas Müller-Pering (guitar) and Wally Hase (recorder)





ZhuBandini-Chaicchiaretta Double concert Liying Zhu | Duo Bandini-Chiaccharetta (Mon, 08/01/2016, 8.00pm, Kreuzkirche)

 The winner of the International Guitar Competition of Nuertingen 2014 is rising like a shooting star! She already
 played in the Carnegie Hall in New York. After the break, we will enjoy Tango at its best by Duo Bandini-Chiaccharetta!

 Rodrigo Guzmán (Tue, 08/02/2016, 2.00pm, Kreuzkirche)

 „Guitarra latinoamericana“
 Rodrigo Guzmán Was practically born into Latin-American rhythms. He studied in Santiago de Chile and in Weimar and is
 working very successfully as interpret, lecturer, composer and arranger nowadays.

russell_neu David Russell (Di, 02.08.2016, 20:00 Uhr, Kreuzkirche)

 Being one of the most renowned guitarists of our time, David Russel has inspired several guitar generations. The audience
 of Nuertingen is for sure looking forward to his traditional concert in our lovely church! 






Colell sw (2) Björn Colell (Wed, 08/03/2016, 8.00pm, Kreuzkirche)

 The specialist for Early Music is teaching at the Music Academy of Weimar and Academy of Arts in Berlin. His play is so
 marvelous he already got signed up for acts next to stars like Cecilia Bartoli or Philippe Jaroussky.

Aguirre Rafael Aguirre (Thu, 08/04/2016, 8.00pm, Kreuzkirche)

 Rafael Aguirre will be guest in Nuertingen for the second time. Rumoured to be an exceptionally skilled guitarist from Spain,
 his concert will be a highlight of our festival!

Langer Michael Langer (Fri, 08/05/2016, 4.00pm, Kreuzkirche)

 Michael Langer is known for his special style combining Pop Music, Classic, Jazz and Latin in an exceptional way. His 
 concert will be a surprise!

Tamayo Montesinos sw Marco Tamayo & Anabel Montesinos (Fri, 08/05/2016, 8.00pm, Kreuzkirche)

 They are one of the most famous married guitar couples alive. Having already received countless international awards,
 they are now presenting themselves in Nuertingen both as Soloists and as Duo.

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (Sat, 08/06/2016, 8.00pm, K3N)

 The same procedure as every year: The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet will complete the festival and play the last concert.
 Traditionally, they are one highlight of the festival week.