Michael Langer

Friday, 6. August 2021 | 4 pm | K3N


Michael Langer was born in Vienna in 1959 and after ambitious but autodidactic beginnings he moved directly to the conservatory of the city of Vienna as a rock guitarist. There and at the music university followed long study years of classical guitar.

Over time, working as an arranger and composer and opening up to pop and jazz became more and more important to him. In the fingerstyle technique he found a fascinating field to grow as a creative musician and to implement the different styles and playing techniques on the classical guitar. He eventually won a first prize in the American Fingerstyle Guitar Festival and was awarded the “Best Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist” in the “Ultimate Guitar Competition” of the “Guitar Player”.

Michael Langer currently leads the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz, where he habilitated as a university professor of classical guitar, and very successfully at the Music and Art University in Vienna. Several of his students have won national and international guitar competitions. Numerous workshops and further education such as the course “Guitar between Classical and Pop” at the Federal Academy in Trossingen complement his teaching.

With more than 50 publications – textbooks, arrangements, compositions – the Austrian is one of the most successful guitar authors in the German-speaking world.
Michael Langer has been playing concerts in many European countries, the USA and China for 30 years. He has performed in such diverse venues as the Chet Atkins Convention Nashville USA, the Bath Guitar Festival GB, the LIGITA Liechtenstein, the Hersbrucker Gitarrentage D, the Großes Musikvereinsaal and Konzerthaus in Vienna, the Forbidden City Concert Hall Beijing China.

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