Michael Langer

Fri, 08/05/2016, 4:00 pm, Kreuzkirche
Tickets: 15€ (9€ deduc.)


Michael Langer, known as one of the best Austrian guitarists, is the master of different styles: He played Rock Music before studying classical guitar and has won several important prizes in the area of Fingestyle, like the competition of the American Fingerstyle Guitar Festival, the Ultimate Guitar Competition. and the titel Best Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist awarded by the magazine Guitar Player. Besides his continuing interest for the aesthetics as well as technical developments of classical guitar, his work as an arranger and composer grew more and more important, and so did his interest for the various options of pop music on the guitar. As a creative musician he was fascinated about playing fingerstyle on the classical guitar.
He has a professorship at the Anton Bruckner Private-University in Linz and the University of Music and Arts in Vienna. With over 50 publications – guitar methods, compositions and arrangements – Michael Langer is not just one of the most hard-working, but due to the sale figures and his purchasers, one of the most successful authors around Germany and Austria. Since 30 years he is fascinating his audience throughout Europe, China and the USA.

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