Nürtingen Chamber Orchestra

Fri, 07/29/2016, 8:00 pm, K3N
Tickets: Category I – 32€ (23€ deduc.), Category II – 24€ (19€ deduc.)

kammerorchester swThe Nürtingen Chamber Orchestra is composed of music lovers from within and around Nürtingen with the aim to make music together.
Since its foundation 1948 the NCO has become an important part of the cultural life in Nürtingen. Conducted by Walter Schuster, the orchestra traditionally performs three times a year. Each November, the NCO performs the “Concert of the Memorial Day” in the church in Nürtingen. At the occastion of the Winter concert (February/March), the NCO plays symphonic classical and romantic pieces although there is always a chance the program gets spiced up with a classical modern. Every summer, the NCO performs the light Serenade Open-Air concert. Additionally, either some or all members of the orchestra occasionally get involved when the churches in Nürtingen rehearse pieces with solo or orchestra instrumentation.
The NCO unites all generations who come together to work on their musical skills. And not only the longtime members, above all the young people have a perfect opportunity to get involved with high-class orchestra literature. The NCO is a crucial construction stone of the quality of life in Nürtingen – for members and audience equally.


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