Nürtingen Guitar Orchestra 2001 – 2021

Sunday, 1.08.2021 | 11 am | K3N
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What started with a handful of interested guitar players from Nürtingen in 2001  developed into a stately orchestra – conducted until today by its artistic director Mandy Bahle. Guitarists with great ambitions dedicate their free time enthusiastically to discovering and cultivating music of different musical periods.

The repertoire includes classical works for guitar orchestra as well as modern pieces and folklore from all over the world. In order to expand the overall sound, octave and bass guitars are used for selected pieces. Furthermore, the addition of soloists is particularly popular with the audience.

The highlights of our orchestra life so far have been: the world premiere of “Cloudy sky”, a work written by Dieter Kreidler, at the Nürtingen International Guitar Festival in July 2018, and the successful participation in the German Orchestra Competition (Deutscher Orchesterwettbewerb) in 2016 and 20120/21. Furthermore, the orchestra plays every two years at the Nürtingen Guitar Festival, at the Tübingen Jazz and Classic Days and other regional and national concerts.
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