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Accommodation in Nürtingen:

Booking directly in the authorised hotels. Until Friday 2. June 2023 booking is possible with the keyword “guitar days” at the discounted prices stated here (as long as quotas are available):

    Please choose one of the packages or classes offered. Tick the boxes for the options you are interested in. Confirm your choice by ticking “OK”. After booking you will immediately receive an e-mail to check your choices.

    Festival complete active
    • Free entry to all concerts and lectures
    • You can choose 4 events from these options:
      → 4 masterclasses (counts as 1 event),
      → competition, festival-ensemble, classes 2 - 6

    Choose Masterclasses
    For organisational reasons, we cannot guarantee master class hours with a desired lecturer. Therefore, select a total of six (6) lecturers from this list, in case a course is not possible on schedule.

    (1) Katrin Klingeberg
    (2) Prof. Sebastián Montes
    (3) Nicolas Emilfork
    (4) Ivo Kaltchev
    (5) Sofia Kaltchev
    (6) Roger Tristao Adao
    (7) Prof. Marcin Dylla
    (8) Matthew McAllister
    (9) Britta Schmitt
    (10) Carles Guisado
    (11) Christian Zack
    (12) Io Yamada
    (13) Prof. Johannes Monno
    (14) Prof. Goran Krivokapic
    (15) Roman Viazovskiy
    (16) Prof. Tillmann Reinbeck
    (17) Johannes Tonio Kreusch
    (18) Prof. Michael Langer
    (19) Prof. Alfred Eickholt
    (20) Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering
    (21) Prof. Tomasz Zawierucha
    (22) Prof. Dr. Thomas Offermann
    (23) Pia Offermann
    (24) Klaus Kusserow
    (25) Mandy Bahle
    (26) Helmut Oesterreich

    Write the numbers of your masters in your preferred order in this field. Put a komma between numbers:

    Choose three (3) more options:

      participation in competition Class 1: Festival Ensemble Class 2: Guitar Basics Class 3: Impro-Workshop Class 4: conducting a guitar orchestra Class 5: Film Making Class 6: Flamenco Workshop

    Price: 295,- € | student reduction: 150,- €
    Seven lunches for the time of the festival in the restaurant 'Schlachthof': 60 €
    Complete your choice by klicking 'OK'. Thank you.

      student 7 lunches OK

    Concert Subscription
    • Free entry to all concerts and lectures
    • Passive participation in other events
    The Festival Concert Subscription can only be acquired in the office (Stadtbüro) of the Nuertinger Newspaper (Nürtinger Zeitung:)
    Fon: +49 (0)7022-9464-150 | 07022-9464-151 | 07022-9464-152 or

    Competition and Concert Subscription
    • Active Participation in Competition
    • Free entry to all Concerts and Lectures
    Price: 230,- € | Student: 130,- €
    For student reduction, tick the box before ticking the “OK”-button:

      OK Student

    • Active participation in one of these competitions
    Prices: Senior 150,- € | Student or Junior: 95,- € | Bambini: 55.- €

      Senior Competition Student Competition Junior Competition Bambini Competition

    Festival complete Young Talents
    For young, talented guitarists aged between 10 and 18 years:
    • Ensemble workshop and single lessons
    • Free participation in Junior-Competition
    • Versatile activities during free-time
    • Free entry to all concerts
    • Around-the-clock supervision plus full board catering in a double room.
    From Sunday, 30. July to Sunday, 6. August (departure in the morning) - Price: 620,- €
    If you want to take part in the competition, tick the box before ticking the "OK"-button:

      Junior-Competition OK

    Classes & Workshops

    Class 1: Festival-Ensemble
    with Helmut Oesterreich and Mandy Bahle
    Approx. 25 participants will rehearse a program that will be presented Saturday afternoon in a concert.  Price: 140,- €

    Class 2: Alfred Eickholt
    "Guitar Basics" - instrumental techniques for beginners and advanced players, with didactic comments
    Workshop 4 x 60 minutes plus individual lessons by arrangement. Price: 150,- €
    Guitar Basics

    Class 3: Michael Langer Improvisationsworkshop
    „Fingerstyle - Pop & Jazz on classical guitar“. Workshop
    Participants make take part in Michael Langer's concert - Price: 150,- €

    Class 4: Mandy Bahle: Gitarrenorchester kompetent leiten
    She likes to share her wealth of experience and prepare it in topics such as: player skills, methodological and didactic approaches, conducting basics, literary studies, organisation, social orchestral life - numerous practical exercises - at the end a certificate will be handed out. Course duration 2 x 90 minutes - Price: 130,- € | students 100.- €

      Conducting guitar orchestras Student

    Class 5: Klaus Kusserow: Film Making for Guitarists
    How do I shoot a high-quality promotional video? Content of the workshop are techniques of video design, hardware and cutting techniques. A video is recorded and completed together. - Price: 150,- €
    Film Making

    Class 6: Rafael Cortes: Flamenco-Workshop
    Price: 80,- € | 50.- €

      Flamenco-Workshop Student

    Concert Tickets: Stadtbüro

    Tickets for single concerts are only available at the office (Stadtbüro) of the "Nürtinger Zeitung":
    Fon: 07022-9464-150 | 07022-9464-151 | 07022-9464-152

    Day Ticket

    Day tickets entitle you to passively participate in master classes, workshops and lectures as well as to attend the guitar exhibition. Day tickets can be purchased at the Festival Office. Price: 10,- €

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