Guitars, sheets and more

Exhibitions | Hochschule

Throughout the festival period, we will host an interchanging exhibition of guitar makers and dealers. Various well-known German and international guitar makers present their master guitars. If you are possibly looking for a new instrument or are just curious, this is a great opportunity to get an overview of contemporary lutherie.

Master guitars compared | Kreuzkirche

In three comparative demonstrations, master guitars of various guitar makers are subjected to a sound test under concert conditions. One of the lecturers plays short sequences on each instrument to compare certain characteristics as objectively as possible. The results will be discussed with the guitar makers and the audience present.

  • Monday,    31. July | 5.30 pm
  • Wednesday,  2. August | 5.30 pm
  • Friday,      4. August | 5.30 pm

Lectures | Hochschule

  • Matei Rusu, Monday, Juli 31st | 11 am | HS_117: „D´Addario – A History of String Manufacturing“
  • Roman Viazovskiy, Thursday, August 3rd | 3 pm | HS_117: „Mental training for musicians”
  • Fee 5 Euro | free entry for course participants and owners of day tickets

Students of the University have free admission to the events offered on the premises of the University.