Christian Zack

Passion for creative guitar soundscapes guides the half­-Chilean guitarist, composer, and guitar builder Christian Leonardo Zack on his own unique path: Introduced to the world of music at the age of 5 by his father on the piano and his mother on the violin, he discovered the world of guitar at 15 and a year later moved with his mother to his other homeland, Chile. During his classical guitar studies in Chile, he met guitar builder Carlos Lopez Menares, with whom he eventually apprenticed: „the search for new soundscapes never ends.“ That’s why the young artist continues to tirelessly research and experiment here in Dresden, building and „recycling“ instruments from all sorts of materials. His compositions combine various influences from impressionism, fingerstyle, South American folklore, jazz, and his many travels around the world. During his guitar studies at the University of Music in Dresden, he won the European Guitar Award in January 2021. This was followed by the publication of his works by „Schott“ and a CD production with the label „Dr Heart Music,“ as well as numerous concerts on tours and festivals.